What Happens in a Body Coherence Session

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Deep inside each of us is profound energy of joy, love, and exuberance waiting to be awakened and expressed. 
Transformational Healing opens the doorway to an expanded space of self-love and appreciation. It works with the innate intelligence of body, mind, and spirit to invite gentle shifts that align us with our higher self and return us to our original blueprint of health and well-being.

KT’s work begins with the physical body, but the best part of what she is able to do is the invisible, energetic, and spirit realms. Throughout each session, she shares the river of images and guidance that flow from her innate intuition during her work.  Her work is truly for those seeking in-depth mind-body-spirit unification. 

In each session, KT connects to and allows your higher self to guide the healing. With this guidance, she gently clears old frequencies, such as core limiting beliefs, survival strategies, ancestral influences, compulsive behaviors, and patterning from past traumas. 

She utilizes her extensive knowledge of the emotional, physical and etheric bodies and energy centers to liberate and transform old, stagnant energy into a state of clarity and light. 

Additionally, she works with restructuring the nervous system using techniques such as myofascial unwinding, activation of the lymphatic system, and cranial sacral fluid mobility.

As these old frequencies clear, light frequencies from our higher selves are newly integrated to assist us in awakening on our spiritual path.

When our body-mind-spirit return to a state of “coherence,”  life force and purpose can pulse through the body without resistance. Though simple in theory, this can be challenging to realize in practice. For those who yearn for greater levels of integration and more energy, it is extremely helpful to be assisted by one skilled in removing blockages and returning the body/mind to a natural state of alignment.

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Healing opens the doorway to an expanded space of self-love and appreciation.