Crystal Reiki on The Rocks

Experience these elements combined with the loving and nurturing hands of our gifted therapists as they ease tension, stress, and restrictions from your physical body to create a powerful shift in your whole self.

This intuitively guided session calls in the powerful energies from the angelic realms, the high vibrational healing frequencies of crystals, and the grounding forces of skillful human touch. 

As we connect to the inspiration and insights of our guides and angels we often find peace, self-compassion, and stability. The grounding, clearing, and healing vibrations of specifically chosen crystals for each session enhance the energetic connection to our own inner resources and wisdom. 

Body Coherence Therapy

Deep inside each of us is a profound joy, love, and exuberance waiting to be awakened and expressed.

This transformational bodywork session opens the doorway to this expanded space of self-love and appreciation. By integrating aspects from the quantum field – etheric, emotional, and physical bodies are brought into harmonious alignment.

Within the session, core limiting beliefs, ancestral influence, compulsive behaviors as well as other traumas are identified and released from the fascial and lymphatic systems. Various healing techniques are used to liberate and transform old energy into a state of flow and coherence.

As a new space opens within us we make room to reconnect to our inner child who has been longing to be received with love and compassion. This reconnection brings total alignment and coherence, facilitating deep healing and freedom!

Channeled Massage

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Once the energy channels have opened, higher vibrations pulse through the body, releasing chronic pain, disease, and stressful emotions. Recipients feel more vibrant, joyful, clearer, and lighter upon the completion of the session.

This treatment is for those who seek a comprehensive mind-body-spirit synthesis.

A Channeled Massage creates a soul-to-body reunion that blends profound energy work with adept bodywork.

Experience your own limitlessness, the truth of your multidimensional self, and allow for divine communication to be in complete flow.

The channel opens between the receiver and their Higher Self so that new, expanded guidance may be received.